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Luncheon Sponsor Guidelines and FAQS

All event attendees are checked in electronically at Chamber events that require registration. Since you have been invoiced for your sponsorship, we have created a custom link and comp code for you to register and manage your attendees.

Sponsors may register their attendees for the luncheon beginning now through Tuesday, June 7 at 5:00 pm.

How to Register Your Attendees

  1. Click the button at the bottom of the page to get started.
  2. To ensure a seamless registration process, please enter the email address you have on file with the Chamber under the My Information section.  Once the system confirms the email address you entered is linked to your membership, it will auto populate information making the registration process much easier.
    • If you are not in our system click Login Now, then Create An Account. This also unlocks many more benefits for you as a Chamber member and makes registering and managing your attendees easier.
  3. Under the Registration Options section, find the SPONSOR option and increase the quantity to 1.
  4. Under the Attendees section, please fill out your attendee information. This includes first name, last name, email address, and your company/organization name.
    1. An email address is required for Attendee #1 however additional  attendee email addresses are optional. If you choose to input email addresses for additional attendees, they will receive a confirmation email that includes their QR code, as well as details about the event and the option to add the event to their calendar. No paper copies of registration is required to check-in at the event.
    2. You do not need to know all attendee's names in order to register your table. Whoever makes the initial registration can update names of the people as they become known through their confirmation email. To ensure a smooth check-in process at the event, please make sure your table registration is updated and accurate the day prior to the luncheon.
  5. Use the discount code SPONSOR2022 under the Enter Promo Code field to waive the $600 table registration fee. This fee was included in your sponsorship investment that you have already been invoiced for.
  6. Apply the code by clicking the Apply button.
  7. Complete your registration by checking the I'm Not A Robot box and clicking the Submit button.
  8. Upon completing these steps you will receive a confirmation email and corresponding QR code in your inbox. With this email you can add the event to your calendar.
    1. As stated above, you may update, replace, or edit a table attendee name at any time prior to event check-in through your confirmation email. To ensure a smooth check-in process, please make sure your table registration is updated and accurate by the time your attendees arrive.
    2. Please check your junk mail or spam folder and whitelist all further communications from the Chamber.


How do I update my attendee names after I've registered?

If you've set up your Info Hub account, you may manage your event registration by selecting the luncheon you're sponsoring. From there, click on the Update Registration button.

You may also manage your event registration through the link in your confirmation email.


What if I don't fill all 8 of my seats at my table?

You will still receive a private table. Any additional chairs you are not using will be moved to open seating.


What is a QR code and why do I need it?

A QR code is a machine-readable code that is custom to your registration. This code is your admission to the event. You may print it out or show it on your phone at check in where the Chamber team will scan it in and mark your attendance. This QR code can be found in your confirmation email.


How do I find my QR code?

Your QR code is generated and sent directly to your attendees email once their registration has been completed.


How will my attendees check-in?

The quickest option for attendees is to present their QR code (electronic or print) at check-in. Reminder - this QR code can be found in the attendee's confirmation email. If the attendee does not have their QR code, we will manually check them in.