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Cornerstone Investors

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Annual Cornerstone Investors Meeting


Cornerstone investments fund major initiatives for our community, and this public-private partnership continues to generate benefits for San Angelo by providing the additional funding needed for broad-based programs targeting legislative affairs, military affairs, and the recruitment and retention of jobs.

Funds from the Cornerstone Investors have impacted and supported:

Recruitment of heavy industrial companies

  • SMC Global Corp (130,000 sq ft)
  • EOn Energy Solar Plant (4,000 acres)


Opportunities for community collaboration

  • SARMA industrial companies collaboration with the Angelo State University Department of Engineering project
  • Monthly SARMA industrial company round table meetings


Economic development projects

  • San Angelo Rail Port facility project
  • San Angelo Regional Manufacturers Alliance (SARMA) program
  • Texas Manufacturers Assistance Center (TMAC) certified industrial courses

$71,000,000 in annual economic yield 2017-2018