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Economic Development

The San Angelo Chamber’s Economic Development Division works closely with the City of San Angelo Development Corporation (COSADC). We are the marketing arm of this joint venture that aims to retain and attract primary industries and to provide well-paying jobs across the Concho Valley.

Primary industries manufacture goods and services locally, then send those products to markets across the state, nation and planet. The net effect is to inject new dollars into our economy, helping local companies of every type. Injection of new dollars strengthens local governments by expanding and increasing their tax base. This activity often results in less burden on individual taxpayers, while providing a path to community capital improvements.

Our work is very collaborative, as it generates the need for talent acquisition, educational opportunities and civic improvements. In particular, we are involved with human resources and training programs at the Angelo State University Small Business Development CenterGoodfellow Air Force Base, the Concho Valley Workforce BoardHoward CollegeAngelo State University, and Park University.

In addition to funding through COSADC, the Chamber secures private funds through local contributions to its Cornerstone Campaign. The result is a public-private collaboration that has had remarkable success.

The Economic Development Division is guided by two committees: the Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB), which counsels staff on initiatives, methods, policies, and goals; and the San Angelo Regional Manufacturers Alliance (SARMA), which advises staff on initiatives and goals to support the San Angelo manufacturing, fabrication, and energy services community.

Here’s the Economic Development Division’s 2019 Plan of Action:

  • INDUSTRIAL GROWTH – Continue growing SARMA and use as a platform for existing industrial sector support, new employer recruitment and increased capital investment in San Angelo.
  • AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY – Initiate and run an agriculture industry-focused organization on the same SARMA platform.
  • SARMA INDUSTRY SUPPORT – Utilize the SARMA  (founded in 2017) and San Angelo Regional Agricultural Industry Alliance (to be launched in 2019) to strengthen these industry sectors in areas of improved access to markets, employee sourcing, career training and collaboration with regional institutes of higher education and vocational training.
  • RAIL – Work with COSADC and other Concho Valley economic partners to develop a multi-modal rail facility in or near San Angelo.
  • AIRPORT – Collaborate with economic partners, including COSADC, the City of San Angelo, and private companies, to refine the Airport Master Plan, seek development partners, customers and users.
  • EDUCATION – Create increased collaboration between Angelo State, Howard College, SAISD and SARMA member companies for training, apprenticeships, career placement and funding.
  • JOBS GROWTH – Add or retain 200 jobs averaging $20/hour in San Angelo and immediate region.
  • WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT – Work with Concho Valley Workforce Development board, Howard College, Angelo State University, Texas State Technical College, Cisco College and SAISD to develop and provide trained workers in high-demand fields.
  • WORKFORCE SUPPORT – Work with these partners and others to assist in professional certification reciprocity, which will help Goodfellow family members and others quickly enter the San Angelo workforce.
  • HOUSING STUDY – In collaboration with COSADC and others, organize a residential housing study to determine supply/demand and future of all types of housing in our community.

For more information on the Economic Development Division of the Chamber, please visit their website,!