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Stronger Together: Facing Challenges as a Community

February 17, 2021

Members of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce:


We are pulling together to support each other during our recovery from the recent severe winter weather. I’m aware of many stories of generosity and courage, both individual and institutional, that have taken place over the last several days. Thank you to all who are working hard to get us through our collective challenges.


The lack of electricity is one of our most acute issues and we are asking for your help. To hasten our recovery, we need to dramatically reduce our electricity consumption. To those of you who have business locations, we respectfully request that you limit your illuminated signage as well as your interior and exterior lighting. We also request that everyone do all they can to cut their consumption of electricity. In a few days, this will be all over.   By pulling together, we will get better faster.


Let’s also continue to look out for each other. If you are in need of warmth, We encourage you to seek shelter in one of the City’s facilities. Current locations are the McNease Convention Center (501 Rio Concho Drive) and the Fort Concho Stables (210 Henry O Flipper Street). Please refer to posts on the City of San Angelo’s Facebook page for more details on the warming shelters, as well as transportation provided to the shelters.


Finally, stay off the roads if possible. If you need to travel, please check road conditions at


The Chamber is always here to help in any way that we can. We will see the return of spring next week, so hang in there!


Stay warm and stay well,


Walt Koenig


San Angelo Chamber of Commerce

Personal Cell: (321) 474-1332